Tuesday, March 4, 2014

WARTS treatment by dr peddi ramadevi

                           WARTS treatment for warts has been told in ayurveda suraksha ayurvedic has treatment for viral warts caused by papilloma virus some will fall within few days the reoccurrence is very less contact Dr peddi ramadevi for warts treatment by appointment 

HERPES treatment for ladies by dr peddi ramadevi

                HERPES-disease there are many communacable diseases by several means Ayurveda do have treatment regimes for theses diseases and these have been termed as those caused by viruses that is BHUTHA which is transmitted  through media  which we call as  viruses so also these viruses some time are so problematic that they cause severe organ damage or deformity.there are several types herpes virus out which world wide affected are simplex and zoster.ayurveda termed them as SARPI which fast in spreading and creates organ damage suraksha ayurvedic clinic has treatment management for chronic ailments like HERPES.DrPeddi Ramadevi has treated many herpes patients with in house formulations Dr Peddi Ramadevi Who has worked on herpes,has found with some time tested herbs the herpes aggretion his come to control please contact Dr peddi Ramadevi for treatment for herpes for women this treatment for herpes will last for three months to one year based on the conditions.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Pcos/Pcod with heavy bleeding with irregular menstrual cycles

At Suraksha Dr PeddiRamadevi has solutions of herbal treatments for irregular periods associated with heavy period these treatment are tailor made as per the health conditions of the patients contact 9246276791

Pcos/Pcod obesity treatment by dr peddi ramadevi

In suraksha ayurvedic specialist Dr PeddiRamadevi with26years of experience has treated many females with Pecos associated with obesity with time tested herbs

Pcos/Pcod and hair loss /alopacia treatment

Pcod has tailor made formulations prepared by specialist Dr peddi ramadevi for hair falling/alopacia problems due to hormonal disturbances


Suraksha ayurbedic clinic /drpeddi Ramadevi specialist in treating irregular periods in pcos


Polycystic ovarian disease     This problem of pcos/pcod is predominantly seen in young girls that too in Indian territory its more seen in cities and gradually spreading we at suraksha have good treatment plans in countering the side effects of this problem PCOS do have problems of uglyness women hood disturbing factors such as excess hair growth on face and other body parts also there is baldness minor to major hair loss on the scale,also some women grow overly weight that is obesity is seen in many women that is those who are into sedentary life style Pecos so many other hormonal side effects some beautiful women turn ugly due to this problem DrPeddiRamadevi who has researched remedies and ayurvedic treatments has successfully treated hundreds of PCOScases pls contactDrPeddiRamadevi at the early onset to get best results