Friday, November 2, 2012


we all know Babul as tumma chettu and its called as Acacia arabica and all over India its called as Kikar its famous for its gummy extract. In some of the tribal areas of andhra  pradesh people eat it at the time of food scarcity other wise Babul is medicinal plant widely used for stopping internal secretions and bleeding problems 
Babul is indigenous to sindh province and Pakistan. it grows wildly to height of 14 feet or odd with thorns on its branches 

The leaves the bark and the pods and the gum are the medicinal virtue
the leaves and bark are used to arrest bleeding and secretions .
th gum reduces skin irritations 
the gum if taken one spoon level in one cup of water and boiled as syrup and drank three times releaves diarrhea
chewing the fresh bark early morning acts as mouth and teeth cleanser 
strengthens teeth and gums 
its one the best remidy for bleeding gums and gum related inflammations 
babool wood made into charcol can be used as powder to clean teeth it is called as charcoal for tooth cleaning early morning 
the bark of babul and mango are boiled and the decoction is washed on the affected skin allergy rashes and ghee or coconut oil relieves the itching and irritation in eczema this formula works well
the decoction of babul if taken during tonsillitis with little salt
added relieves inflammation and throat congestion
the decoction of these leaves relieves excess watering or epiphora a condition where the tear glands are blocked or hyper-activation of the glands are there 
Its one the best said medicine for ladies in leucorrhoea where there its non specific in nature the decoction is washed or douched tor treating this discharge 
the fresh pods are good for sperm increase effective in increasing the sperm count the seeds of the babul fruit are dried and made 
into poweder and added in milk and given after dinner increases the sperm count 
the boiled bark decoction is given for heavy bleeding in women 

dr peddi ramadevi                    

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