Friday, November 2, 2012


this is one resinous gum of small tree with carrot like shaped roots its called as ferula northex or hing or  inguva 
it is dirty yellow in color with pungent,not agreeable smell, most of the people don't like its odor but it is used as flavoring and non fermenting food herb which is used in the Indian culinary preparations.

its also grown in Iran and Afghanistan
the other species of northex grows in Kashmir valley

this gum which is extracted from the roots is collected in leather bags and sealed and stored in dark rooms 
there are several varieties which are distributed fro m the Mediterranean region to central Asia.  this gum like root extract constitutes carbohydrates of 65%and,  moisture of 16%, and proteins,  4%fats,  1%, minerals 7%, and fibers of 4%  its minerals contains substantial amount of calcium, phosphorus, iron corotens, riboflavin and niacin the calorific value for every 100 grams values as 297 kcals 
the gum of asfoetida has an extreme odour due to his volatile oils 
this gum is mixed with acacia gum and sold out in the mark and this come  also is added with starch to make into a fine poweder
asafoetida has been indiginous to India for a very long time the ayurvedic scriptures and samhita have hing a good medicinal description for gastro-intestinal problems and female bleeding problems 
  • its also a nervine stimulant and sedative.  
  • in respirattory problems like asthma.bronchitis two to three pinches of this gum powedered is mixed with onion juice one teaspoon and betel leaf juice one teaspoon and taken after food relieves the heavyness and breathlessness.
  • a small amount of this herb is draped in a small cloth and tied to the hands or legs stops the viral attack its called as ill effect remover or bhutagni 
  • this medicine is very effective in dysmenorrhia  painful mestruation
  • also this is effective in scanty periods 
  • it expells worms in the stomach acts as deworniming agent
  • it releives stomach pain and gasiousness in the stomach 
  • during indigestion this herb when taken with saindhava lavanam give great relief
    This herb is used as antidote in opium poisoning.
    it is used in curries,pickles and meatdishes and Dal its use in European states as perfume and flovouring agent 
    whole plant is used as fresh vegetable
    If taken by mouth regularly in food care should be taken not in contact with teeth   

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