Wednesday, October 24, 2012


The practice of herbal medicine dates backl to very early period known to the hunman history there are evidences of herbs curing the diseases for the revitalizing and rejuvenation of human body. the indian, egyptian, chinese,roman,greek civilizations are the most used medicinal histories.

plants were the main stay of medicine and food with mystical and superhuman powers of healing capacity

we all know quet well the British herbs were treated as focus for superstition reaching peak importance in the 18th century where every village has witch and every witch had potion made from herbs 

In India its been centuries that AYURVEDA has brought the science of living with nature.
many herbs have been in used for treating diseases there are references to go back to RIGVEDA AND ADHARNAVA VEDA      which have been written almost in 3500Bc.
many herbs have have the certainty of identity as of now.

THE CHARAKA SAMHITA,SUSRUTHA SAMHITHA, VAGHBATTA SAMHITHA ARE THE SUPER texts to learn more about herbs and their health benefits for the man kind.
there were around 700 herbs initially used and more and more herbs have come to treatment texts from various folk lores and traditional practitioners.
the chines have a compilation of around 1500 herbs pen tsang chang is the ancient Chinese practitioner dating back to 2000 BC 

the famous greek physician hippocratus too started his medical practice with herbal remedies.

herbs play a significant role specially in this modern times   when the damageing effects of food processing over cooking and over medication have bad effects.

the active constituents of herbs can enter the body in several ways. the AYURVEDIC CONCEPT OF PANCHA GYANDERIYAS sidhanta helps to take herbs activation by different modes of transportation 

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