Thursday, October 25, 2012


Anise seed is also called as ajawain or celerytype small plant seed its fruits are known as aniseed its one of the oldest spice known  
the seeds are grey brown in color oval in shape with 3-4mm length 
it has great odor and pungent taste 
its known mostly in middle east and Europe where they use celery plant and seeds widely in their daily food preparation call it non veg or salad preparations etc, 
it contains proteins,fatty oils crude fibers, this seeds contains chavicol, p-methylene,acetone, sulphur for which they are extensively used in gastrointestinal problems

the terpenenes give astringent taste.

aniseed expels gases from stomach it can also be taken with ginger,
cummin, tamarind, pepper and cloves 
  1. mix one teaspoon of seeds in a glass of boiling water and after overnight leaving take 30ml two time daily that relieves gas fermentation in the stomach
  2. this herb when cooked with non vegetarian food not only gives good flavor  also  helps in digesting and stops fermentation process in the gut
  3. aniseeds reduces expectation where it expells the phlegm and reduces the breathlessness 
  4. tea made with aniseed reduces insomnia 
  5. aniseeds should not be boiled for a longer time as it would lose the essential oils which are the main medicines      

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