Wednesday, October 24, 2012



Alfa alfa is known as medicago satina 
its one the nutritional valued herbs  its leguminous plant which grow as long as 45-50 cm. it has rich green alternate leaves purplish colored flowers it grows wildly

alfa alfa is a native of Europe its now wildly cultivated in china and some of the parts of India

alfa alfa is had high content of vitamin A,B,D,F,and G. with heavy amount of vitamin C and K. it has rich amount of calcium and phosphorus, chlorine, sodium, potassium. alfala contain a good amount of protein than grains like wheat and oats.
the content of amino acids which are required for a normal human are plenty in this plant 

alfa alfa has rich source of dietary fibers and chlorophyll which help in the process of digestion .

its one of the readily found food source,in uncooked form easily digestible food and as protein source for supplementation protein deficiency food from vegetable Origin 

 the seeds, leaves, and the stems of alfa alfa plant have important properties derived from the plants which reach up to certain heights 
where they absorb the trace mineral from the soil like the chromium and manganese which is the vital for the human digestive system and insulin metabolism.

alfa alfa is outstanding food alkalizes it  contain 150 mg of of alkali forming elements which neutralizers  food   

its slightly laxative due to chlorophyll present 

its digestive 

its diuretic 

serves as excellent tonic effect for the food 
mostly it helps for the aging and aged people        

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